These docs are for v1.1. Click to read the latest docs for v2.0.

Media Library

Tagboard's Media Library gives you a place to host different creative assets that can be used as backgrounds for your live displays, logos, or promo slides for your Presentation Builder.

Access your Media Library

Your Media Library tab can be found on your account dashboard.


Upload files to your Media Library

To upload files to your media library, select the 'Upload files' button, or simply drag and drop the files any where within your Media Library.



File Size limits

Maximum file size: 5MB.
Allowed file types: png, jpg.

Manage your files

Once your files are uploaded, there are a few different ways to help manage them.

First, select what file you'd like to manage by selecting the checkbox. You can select multiple files to bulk manage at the same time.


Give your file a title

Giving your files a title can help with organization and navigation.

Tag your files

Giving your files tags can help search for specific assets relating to the tagged media.
Example - if you are uploading a series of promo slides to serve as sponsor slides, add "sponsor" as a tag so your team can easily search for files tagged with "sponsor".

Edit your files

Your background files and promo slides should always match the ratio of the screen you'll be displaying on. Because of this, sometimes there is a need to edit your files. This can be useful if your background needs to be rotated for a vertical screen, or cropped for 16:9, 4:3, etc. To edit your file, select the file you want to adjust and click the edit icon on the right.

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Upload a background to your live display from Media Library

You can use a file from your Media Library as a background for your live display(s), or you can simply upload the file within the Tagboard Live settings. Files uploaded within the Tagboard Live settings will be automatically added to your media library.


Upload promo slides for Presentation Builder from Media Library

Use files from your Media Library as promo slides for your Presentation Builder, or simply upload the file within the Presentation Builder. Files uploaded within the Presentation Builder will be automatically added to your media library. When building a timeline, always remember to start with the amount of posts you'd like to show before your first promo slide. To add your file, click 'Add image' and select the graphic icon. Video files are not yet supported in the Media Library. If you want to add a video promo slide, please contact your Client Success Manager or Tagboard contact with the video and you will be provided with a URL that can be used for promo slide videos.