These docs are for v1.1. Click to read the latest docs for v2.0.

Countdown Clock Smart Panel

A Countdown Clock Smart Panel allows you to display a live countdown for an event, kickoff, or release.

Title your smart panel and select the "End Date" (A calendar will drop down to select date and time you want the countdown to end).

Look and Feel

  • Color Theme: Select one of the pre-built color patterns or create a custom look. In Custom you can select from a 'solid', 'gradient' or 'image' background.

  • Font Family: Select a font from the dropdown menu to feature on the Countdown Clock.


CTA Styles

  • Show CTA: Toggle on/off if you want to display a call-to-action. If toggled on, write in your call-to-action and customize font color and text style.

Layout Styles

  • Timer Style: Choose from four full screen options (Basic, Flip, Marquee, Circular) or a "Broadcast Bug". Once your style is selected you can customize 'Width', 'Alignment', and 'Color'.

If you selected "Broadcast Bug" the layout options change slightly from the full screen options.

  • Chromakey: Choose the color to key out everything except the countdown timer.
  • Bug width: Customize the width of the container that will hold your countdown timer.
  • Bug alignment: Customize which corner of the screen you want to display the bug.
  • Top/Bottom position: Insert value to move the bug up/down on the screen.
  • Right/Left position: Insert value to move the bug right/left on the screen.

You can then toggle on and off the sliders that showcase 'Days', 'Hours', 'Minutes' and 'Seconds'.


Add tags to your panel to make it easier to search for in your Smart Panels tab. When you are finished customizing your panel, click Save.