These docs are for v1.1. Click to read the latest docs for v2.0.

Feature Facebook Comments from Facebook Posts & Facebook Live

Featuring Facebook comments

You can feature comments on any Facebook post from right within the Tagboard producing dashboard as long as the post comes from a page you have authorized on your Tagboard account.

  1. Click on a Facebook post in the “Latest” or “Featured” tab of your tagboard to expand the post & view the comments.
  2. With one click, feature only the comments you want to add to your live display or embed (featured tab of the tagboard you are producing on).
  3. Select “Load new comments” to bring new comments into view in real time and be able to feature them.

Featuring Facebook Live comments in real time (for a broadcast or live stream)

  1. Use the Tagboard Google Chrome extension to feature your Facebook Live post to your tagboard (if it’s not already in the “Latest tab” or “Featured tab”).
  1. Launch your tagboard display. In the display settings, update “Post Type” to ‘Photo+Text’ (or any option that does not include video) to ensure the Facebook Live post will not show up on your display. Select “Save” at the top.


Hiding a Facebook Live post from your Display

If you would like to discuss other options & solutions to hide the Facebook Live post from your display, contact your success manager.

  1. Click on your Facebook Live post in the tagboard “Featured tab” (or “Latest tab”) to expand the post & feature comments to the tagboard as they come in.
  1. Launch your tagboard display and bring it live into your broadcast or live stream!