These docs are for v1.1. Click to read the latest docs for v2.0.

Leaderboard Smart Panel

A Leaderboard Smart Panel allows you to showcase competing trends in real-time

Title your smart panel and select a tagboard to attach to the leaderboard.


Hashtag Sources

Select up to five hashtags feeds that are connected to the tagboard. Data for the leaderboard will only pull from tweets that include at least one of the selected hashtags.



  • Add Option: The values, or keywords, that will be calculated in tweets that include a sourced hashtag
  • Value: The keyword you want counted towards a leaderboard option
  • Display: The title you want shown on the leaderboard (Doesn't have to be same as value)
  • Initial Count: Number of votes/posts you want the value to start at. Write '0' if you don't want to artificially boost the post count
  • Choose icon: Grab a picture from your media library to visually customize each option
  • Display Limit: Choose between 2-10. Select how many options you want to be displayed on screen. The max number of options displayed on screen is 10
  • Custom Start/End time: Toggle on and select any date/time for data collection to begin and end. If no custom start time is selected, data collection begins when smart panel is created. If no custom end time is selected, data collection will continue until smart panel is deleted

CTA Styles

Toggle on/off the CTA (Call-to-Action) slider. If toggled on, write your CTA and then customize color, style and alignment of the font.


Leaderboard Styles

  • Bar Style: The look of each option on the display. (Rectangle, Circular Pills, Full-bleed images, Full-height icons, Numbered Icons, Close-knit, Stripes)

Next toggle on/off the sliders to further customize leaderboard look.


Add tags to your panel to make it easier to search for in your Smart Panels tab. When you are finished customizing your panel, click Save.