These docs are for v1.1. Click to read the latest docs for v2.0.

Signing In to Tagboard

By design, Tagboard accounts do not have passwords associated with them. The Tagboard platform leverages social profile logins to verify identities and reinforce security. That means to sign in to Tagboard you use one of your existing, external identities — from Twitter or Facebook.

To sign in, simply click/tap on the Log in/Sign up button in the global navbar at the top of any page. A modal will show with the available networks. Whether you've created an account in the past or not, you can use this method to sign in to Tagboard.


Clicking/tapping one of the options will direct you to that network's sign in or authorization page. If you've successfully signed in to the network, you'll be asked to authorize Tagboard as an external app.


Our Posting Policy

Tagboard will never post directly to external social profiles without your expressed consent and request. Visit our Legal page for more about our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

After you've authorized Tagboard to use your social profile, you'll be redirected back to the previous page on Tagboard's website, and will now be signed in.


Facebook Page Logins

Facebook only allows personal accounts to connect with apps like Tagboard, and Facebook Pages do not have separate logins that can be utilized to sign in to Tagboard.

Why we require an email address

Even though we leverage external social profiles for authentication, we still ask that users provide a working email address to associate with your Tagboard account. This provides us a way to contact you in the event of an issue with your account.

Connect your Instagram Profile

Be sure to connect an Instagram profile so you can search all Instagram content and interact with posts directly through Tagboard. From your Account Dashboard, select "Account Connections", and then "Connect Instagram".

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Enter your Instagram login info, and start seeing content and interacting with your viewers on Instagram!