These docs are for v1.1. Click to read the latest docs for v2.0.

Tagboard Composer

Tagboard Composer is a streamlined solution that allows you to utilize different Themes, Smart Panels and Tagboard Posts to create a unique and seamless real-time display.


Tagboard Composer is a separate interface that utilizes the same login as your Tagboard account, so you have access to all of your featured content. If this is your first time using Tagboard Composer, you'll need to log in to the new platform. Once you’ve logged in, click create a new production. If you already have a production started, you can just click on launch next to the selected production.


Building your timeline

Tagboard Composer provides a simple select a theme (or multiple themes) from the collection in the top left and drag the theme into your timeline below.


When you drag and drop themes into your timeline, they will autofill with your default tagboard, which you can select by clicking on the Tagboard drop down.


Want to use different tagboards for various themes in your timeline? You can click directly on the theme in the timeline and select a tagboard to display in that theme.


This will allow you to have different tagboards within your timeline packaged with your curated themes.

Posts and Smart Panels

Once you've selected your tagboard and display theme, you can further customize your display by adding any smart panels you’ve created for the display.

Drag and drop your Smart Panels along with your Post Panels into your timeline. From here, you can choose how many posts you want to cycle through before your display switches to any Smart Panels you’ve added.

After any changes are made, be sure to click save or they won’t be reflected in your display.

Displaying your posts

To display your production, you just need to click on Launch Display or copy the link (Link button to the right) to open a new window.


Your connected screen will now act as a mirror of the preview window on your production. Any changes you make to your timeline and connected Tagboard will automatically be synced with your connected screens once you click Save. There is no need to ever refresh your display.