These docs are for v1.1. Click to read the latest docs for v2.0.

Tagboard Go

Installing Tagboard Go

Using the App Store, Search "Tagboard Go" then click Get App.


Sign In to Tagboard Go

  • Once the App has been downloaded, follow prompts to Sign In
  • To continue, click "Continue with Twitter"
  • Sign In with the Twitter Account associated with your tagboard account
  • Once Signed In, click the button in the lower left of your screen "Authorize App"

Enable Tagboard Go App

** Twitter

  • To feature posts from the Twitter App press the share icon located at the bottom right corner of the post.
  • When prompted, press the "Share Tweet Via..." icon located in the share sheet (lower third of the page).
  • Press "More" in the share sheet.
  • In order for The Tagboard Go App to work properly, you must enable tagboard in the activities share sheet.
  • Once Tagboard is enabled, the Tagboard icon will appear in the share sheet with other enabled applications.

** Instagram

  • To Enable posts from Instagram,

Featuring Posts From a URL

Featuring Posts Using iPad