These docs are for v1.1. Click to read the latest docs for v2.0.

User Feeds

Even though tagboards are originally built and powered off of the hashtag, we understand the need for specific user content and automation. User Feeds allow you to auto-feature all content from a particular user handle/page on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

How to add User Feeds

  1. Create a tagboard or open an existing one, and then open the tagboard settings.
  1. Head to the "Social Feeds" tab, and search for the username you want to add

Note that each network has a limit of 30 feeds at a time.


User Feeds Auto-Feature

Keep in mind that setting up a user feed will automatically feature any post from that account. Historical posts will not be featured however; only posts after the feed was added.

Removing Feeds

To remove a feed from featuring any new posts, you can simply select the red trash icon.



Historical Content

Content that has already been featured from the user feed you removed will remain on your tagboard unless you manually unfeature them.

Retweets on Twitter

To allow all retweets from a Twitter feed to also feature on your tagboard, you just need to toggle the "Allow Retweets" button.



Retweeted Content

Retweeted content will appear on Tagboard as the original post and will not show any information about who retweeted it