These docs are for v1.1. Click to read the latest docs for v2.0.

Snapchat Search

As one of Snapchat's official partners, Tagboard gives you the tools to search Snaps by location or topic, then curate and display publicly shared content to your viewers & fans.

Advanced Search for Snapchat

In order to search for Snapchat content within Tagboard, you will first need a Snapchat-enabled tagboard setup on your account. Open your tagboard, hover over the magnifying glass icon on the far right of the header, and click 'Find more content'.


Snapchat-enabled tagboards do not auto-populate content in the Latest tab. Your tagboard will only contain Snaps you have featured from Advanced Search.


You can search Snapchat content by keyword, location, or a combination of both. Use the enter or tab key to lock in a keyword. To limit results to a location, click where it says 'Everywhere' or 'Filter by location' on the right side of the search bar. Locations can be anything from a city to a specific venue, anything in Google's location database.


Keyword Limit

Advanced Search is limited to one keyword at a time for Snapchat.


Save a Search

To save a specific search and come right back to it, simply click the save icon on the right side of the search bar.


Once the search is saved, you can come back to it by clearing the search and clicking into the search bar, which opens a dropdown of up to 10 saved searches.


Exiting Search

The Advanced Search window will overlay your tagboard. You can go back to your tagboard at any time by clicking the 'X' on the right side.



How Long Do Snaps Last?

Just like the Snapchat app, Snaps expire within tagboard. Snaps will be automatically removed from your dashboard after 24 hours.

Using the Snap Map

Tagboard also integrates directly with the Snap Map, so you can feature Snaps from the map right onto your tagboard.

Click anywhere on the heatmap to view Snaps from that area, or choose any one of Snapchat's curated Stories to watch a playlist of Snaps around a specific theme or event.


Using the Tagboard Chrome Extension

If you haven't already downloaded the extension, head to the Chrome Web Store using Google Chrome.

Hover your mouse over the Snap you want to feature to tagboard. Click on the blue hashtag button in the upper right corner to load a list of your tagboards. Select which Snapchat-enabled tagboard you want to feature the Snap to. You can also set your Snapchat-enabled tagboard as your default option.


Using the Snap Link

Click the arrow at the top of the Snap you want to feature to tagboard. This will copy the Snap Link onto your clipboard.


On your Snapchat-enabled tagboard, click on 'Load snap' on the far right of the toolbar. Paste the Snap Link and click Feature Snap.



Snapchat-Enabled Tagboards

Contact your dedicated Client Success Manager to get access to a Snapchat-enabled tagboard on your account.