These docs are for v1.1. Click to read the latest docs for v2.0.

Video Playback Not Working

Video isn't playing autoplaying in Chrome? Follow these easy steps to resolve issue.

Chrome recently updated their browser settings so that videos with audio will not autoplay in your timeline. This will only be an issue if you are using Chrome v76.

In order to enable the autoplay, first go to [chrome://settings/content/sound]. From here you'll need to "whitelist" some domains. This gives certain websites the permissions to play videos with audio automatically. Depending on what product you are using with Tagboard you will want to add the following to the "Allow" column:


After you add these links to your "whitelist" of pages, the video will be able to auto play with audio.

***Note that even if you don't want the audio to play, you'll probably want to follow these steps as you can always mute the production under the settings.